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Health And Beauty in Mallorca

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There is a strong focus on health and beauty on the island of Mallorca which offers a wide selection of healthcare facilities as well as a full complement of beauty therapy and cosmetic procedures. Everything from hospital care for emergencies or just routine procedures to optional health care such as wellbeing and fitness sessions are available as well as a number of options for cosmetic therapy.


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Health And Beauty in Mallorca

popular questions

It’s important to focus initially on the hospital facilities available in Mallorca and these fall into two main categories: the state-run hospitals via the social security system or private hospitals that provide care as part of a healthcare insurance scheme. There are five major state hospitals on the island of Mallorca; three are in Palma, one is in Inca and there is one in Manacor, all of which are geographically fairly well-spread. These hospitals are fully equipped with the latest emergency centres and have excellent state-of-the-art technology to deal with most aspects of medicine and operative procedures.

The hospital system in Mallorca is regarded as one of the best in Europe; the state hospitals give immediate care provided you are on the Social Security System and have kept payments up-to-date. Most importantly, this covers emergency hospitalisation whenever required.

There are approximately twenty private healthcare clinics throughout the island that provide care under a contributory insurance scheme; such an insurance policy covers a number of different private hospitals and healthcare centres for both emergency care as well as routine planned medical procedures.

The most obvious advantage of private healthcare is the avoidance of having to wait for certain medical procedures that would otherwise be the case under the state system. The monthly contribution towards private healthcare policies is tiered so that various options are available according to the monthly amount. The basics include immediate hospital assistance, medicine for general conditions and procedures, and specialised medicines. Some private healthcare policies, however, give the options of choice of hospital and doctors for an increased monthly contribution and these increased packages often include check-ups for existing conditions, dental care and natural treatments such as acupuncture.

For those on holiday in Mallorca, medical expenses are often sufficiently covered by an individual’s private medical insurance that’s either taken out specifically for travel destinations or can be as part of an ongoing benefit provided by a person’s bank.

In terms of beauty treatments in Mallorca, the island offers a full complement of most aspects of beauty therapy from homoeopathy to hair care. There are luxury spas to be found in most major towns that offer everything at the luxury end in terms of facials and facial care (many including several different state-of-the-art facial therapy techniques, aromatherapy, anti-ageing treatments) and a whole host of massage options. There are separate foot treatment facilities available that provide reflexology and chiropody as well as general podiatry.

The facial treatments available are not solely provided to women; there are many men becoming more conscious of their facial complexion and are seeking professional skincare. Facial treatments for men are available in some of the spas and have professionals who can provide male facial treatments.

One of the highest priorities in terms of beauty care for both men and women is haircare and there is a wide range of hair stylists available in virtually all parts of Mallorca. Most salons have professional hairdressers, some of whom have moved specifically to Mallorca to provide the service and quality that Mallorca expects.

A more flexible option is to use the services of mobile hairdressers and there are plenty available in Mallorca. A visit from a mobile hairdresser can be arranged at a time to suit your schedule and is in the comfort of your own home, and this is particularly suitable for weddings where perhaps a number of guests will require hair treatment.

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