Motoring in Mallorca

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Owning or renting a car on the island of Mallorca does have distinct advantages over other forms of transport; there is a very good network of good quality roads that permit easy access and freedom to most parts of Mallorca by car. However, there are some aspects ofmotoring in Mallorca that you need to be aware of before considering hiring or buying a car for use here. Find your motoring services on Mbook.


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Motoring in Mallorca

popular questions

For those who require a car on a short term basis, renting is probably the easiest and most cost-effective option to see some of the most beautiful and interesting places on the island but it is worth noting that some of the roads are fairly narrow, so a smaller car can offer greater flexibility. There are many car hire companies in Mallorca, some of which operate directly from the airport or other companies that operate from within the major towns but in the peak season during the summer, there is a limited amount of hire cars available, so it pays to book well in advance. The larger internationally-represented car companies are available in Mallorca to hire cars from as well as a selection of smaller local companies.

The age at which you can drive a hire car in Mallorca is 21 (18 years of age to own a car) and hire companies require a valid driving licence from your home country. Most companies require a credit card payment and a deposit.

Motor bikes, scooters, e-scooters and bicycles are also available for hire in most major towns.

If you wish to buy a car in Mallorca it is permitted for both residents and non-residents but you will need to take your house deeds when purchasing to show proof of permanent residency or a property rental contract that has a minimum of one year to run. You will also need to provide your N.I.E number (numero de identidad de extranjero) when purchasing a car. Regarding the paperwork requirements for purchasing a car, there are a number of legal documents that have to be provided and submitted. The person buying a car needs to make sure they receive all the documents relating to the vehicle at the time of the purchase and these include a valid ITV (vehicle test certificate), the vehicle tax receipt from the Municipality and the vehicle registration card.

Insurance for the vehicle will need to be arranged before the person buying can drive the car. If the vehicle is currently insured, the person selling the vehicle may agree to sell the policy to the buyer for the remaining insured period (the vehicle itself is insured under Spanish law and not the person driving the car). Alternatively, the seller of the vehicle may wish to cancel their insurance policy.

For the completion of the purchase of a vehicle it will be necessary for either the seller or the buyer (or both simultaneously) to go to the local Traffic Department to formally notify them of the change of ownership. At this stage the buyer will then re-register the vehicle in his or her name.

If you own a car in Mallorca you will need to make sure that it has an ITV certificate; this is a document that is proof that the vehicle has had an inspection and is legally roadworthy. A car up to the age of four years does not require an ITV certificate but for cars that are between four and ten years old, an ITV test is required every two years. Once a car is ten years old it requires an ITV test every year.

The cost of an ITV test is currently between 120-150 Euros; it is illegal to drive without an ITV certificate for cars over four years old as without one the insurance policy is invalid.


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