the best things to do in mallorca

Positioned right in the heart of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers in the Mediterranean, and for good reason!

What are the best things to do in mallorca?

With breathtaking coastlines, lush limestone mountains and stunning Spanish architecture, Mallorca really is a place of wonder. If eating great food and drinking sangria is more to your liking, the Spanish island features a variety of popular restaurants, beach clubs, cafes, cocktail bars and also the livelier nightclub scene. There really is something for everyone!

With so many different options to choose from, Mallorca is a paradise island for all that are lucky enough to visit, no matter what your taste or group size! Below we describe our top recommended things to do in Mallorca.

Explore the City of Palma

Palma is Mallorca’s capital city and also the largest city in the Balearic Islands. It hosts so many different activities that you will never need to leave its boundaries to find what you are looking for. From quaint little side-street cafes to high-end shopping, Palma is filled with beautiful architecture and a laid-back yet bustling lifestyle.

If a tour of the city is more your style, Palma is filled with historical Spanish architecture, including, but certainly not limited to a stunning gothic Roman church, the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma (also commonly known as La Seu).

However, please remember that Palma can get quite hot during the day, so reserve your city explorations for early morning or late afternoon to keep cool and enjoy your excursions. Take a quick siesta when the midday sun is at its highest during your adventures.

Head to the Beach

With a total of 262 beaches dotted around the island, visiting Mallorca without visiting the beach is like eating yoghurt without licking the lid – it shouldn’t be done!

With Instagram-worthy landscapes, hikes, and white sandy beaches, Mallorca features a wide variety of different coastline spots to choose from. From Cala Mesquida Beach in Northeastern Mallorca to Palmanova beach in the South West, Mallorca’s beaches are so diverse that you will definitely find the perfect spot for you. And with so many beautiful beaches to choose from you will most certainly be spoilt for choice for your days out!


Remember to do a quick bit of research before setting out for the beach as some beaches can be quite remote and secluded and others filled with fun watersport activities and plenty of tourists. It’s best to make sure that the beach you choose to lay your sun hat on is the right one for your perfect day at the beach.

Underground Cave Exploration

One of the island’s most beautiful places is actually situated underground, specifically in the town of Porto Cristo on the east coast of Mallorca. Below all of the mountain regions and white sandy beaches sits the Caves of Drach, which are one of Mallorca’s top tourist attractions. With gorgeous underground stalactites and stalagmites, exploring Mallorca’s many underground caves is definitely for the adventurous types. Some coves even feature beautiful underground lakes too!


However, if the idea of getting lost in an underground cave gives you the heeby-jeebies, don’t worry! The caves are a popular tourist attraction throughout Mallorca and are run by organised tours and walkthroughs for travelers who would like a guide. The cave resorts even have food outlets, shops, and bathroom facilities too.

Make sure to leave your flip-flops in your hotel as cave exploration often requires hiking over rocks and uneven terrain so sensible footwear is a must!

Discover Sóller

Hopping on board an old wooden train to the historic, quaint little town of Sóller brings an otherworldly charm to your holiday. As you pass through the delightful orange groves you will be blown away with the breathtaking scenery along the way. Sandwiched between two mountain ranges, the picturesque town features a vast array of typical Spanish townhouses, ice cream parlours and cafés, as well as the town’s Plaza Constitucion. The plaza is a main feature of the town and home to street performers and delicious local cuisine, perfect for any holiday abroad.

However, even with all of the activities in the middle of the town, it’s the tram that takes the spotlight in this picturesque place. The vintage wooden tram runs from the town centre to Port de Sóller, showing off all of the beautiful landscape and architecture along the way. It’s definitely one ride you cannot miss!

Experience the wonder of Abaco


As you stumble along the old cobbles of La Llonja in Palma’s old town, it’s hard to imagine the delights that lie behind the large wooden door of Abaco. If you are truly looking for a magical place to take your loved ones for a treat, then look no further!


Abaco will far exceed your expectations with it’s stunning interior, which is decked out daily with fresh fruits and flowers galore. This old, hidden manor house is famous the world around for its spectacular cocktails, which you can take either inside or outside in the somewhat small but beautiful courtyard, host to tweeting birds and a stunning fountain. Remember to bring your wallet though or you may be washing the dishes for a while as the cocktails start from 16 euros! Worth every cent in our opinion for the amazing décor and ambience.

Visit Palma Aquarium

If you are looking for a fun yet educational day out with the family then Palma Aquarium is a great choice when deciding on excursions for your holiday. Palma Aquarium is a wonderful marine park with more than 8,000 marine animals and 700 different species situated in the city of Palma de Mallorca.


You can truly experience the treasures of the underwater world when you visit Palma Aquarium. There really is so much to do, from interacting with sea life to taking your pick from the various marine activities that the aquarium has to offer. For children, it truly is a place of wonder and watching their little faces as they stare in awe at the stunning marine life will surely make your day special!

One thing is certain, Mallorca holds so many options for its visitors that you will truly be spoilt for choice!

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